Enoch's Knob Bridge

This bridge is a Parker Trussel Bridge constructed around 1900, and was 185 feet long. I found an article in a paper from 1897 with the county balance sheet showing funds being allocated for the construction. It is located between New Haven and Washington, MO; west of St. Louis. It gets the name for its location on Enoch’s Knob, the highest elevation in Franklin County, MO. The tales that come from this bridge run the gamut. Seriously, from disembodied voices to trolls.

Deaths- In 1879, William Peters and his 12-year-old son drowned while trying to cross the flooded creek. From the reports in the papers, they were new to the area and did not understand the danger of trying to pass high flood waters. Their team showed up in town, and it is said that their bodies were found and then buried where the future bridge would be built.

In 1987, 23-year-old, Patrick Kinnison was at the bridge with some friends. His friends left him alone on the bridge while they went to assist someone who had gotten their car stuck in a cornfield nearby. When they returned, they could not find him. They eventually located him broken and deceased on the rocks below the bridge. One story says he was healing from a hip fracture and likely on pain pills. He had gotten the injury from a fall while climbing; something he did often. Perhaps while his friends were gone, he decided to climb the trusses on the bridge, and while under the influence, fell to his death. I will post the newspaper article about this on socials.

Another confirmed death is that of 46-year-old Stephen Cooksey. On May 6, 2005, Joseph Thompson and Ronald C. Hernandez murdered Cooksey on/near the bridge. Stephen was shot multiple times by .22 caliber in the head and upper body. The killers then pulled his car over his body and set it on fire. The body was found a couple days later and had to be identified by dental records. Apparently, this was over a drug deal of some kind. Joseph Thompson plead guilty to 2nd degree murder and was sentenced to 20 years. I could not find anything more on Ronald.

There are more tales of children falling from the bridge to their deaths. People also say there have been multiple suicides at the bridge from either jumping or hanging themselves from the bridge. I could not find proof of any of these.

Now, like I said the paranormal claims are all over the place with this location. First, let’s talk about the haunted bridge scenario. What I mean is the same game that is said to work on all haunted bridges all over world. According to lore, if you park in the middle of the bridge, turn off your lights and your engine then honk three times and then start the car and turn on your headlights a three legged dog will appear in the lights. There is another version where you actually chant “demon dog” three times for the same effect. I read a post by a local near the bridge that said one of his neighbors owned a three-legged lab and that was likely the dog that people had seen. Bahahaha. Demon dogs, or hell hounds are one popular claim here. Some even say that the ghost of Patrick Kinnison presents as a dog with glowing green eyes.

One investigator claimed that his hat was knocked off his head and a moment later several people witnesses and apparition running from him. The same investigator claimed that he, and another investigator, experienced intense vertigo after stepping off the bridge. It only subsided when they would step back onto the bridge.

Others claim to have been slapped, pushed, and smelled the odor of decay. There are photos of mists, apparitions, and shadow people. One common claim is the sound of women and children screaming from the woods surrounding the bridge. Wild animals. Cars have stalled and dome lights are turned off and on. Some claim to hear growls and see glowing eyes from the woods.

I found an article from 2012 stating that the bridge was slated for demolition and would be replaced with a new one. Apparently, there is now a solid flat concrete bridge there now. Did the bridge take away the haunting? Perhaps. It certainly doesn’t look as creepy at the truss bridge that stood for more than 100 years.

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